11 Mind Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. Maho Beach in Saint Martin

This beach is clean, its water crystal clear and usually not that crowded – it definitely makes for a great tranquil place to take a break from your mundane thoughts, right?

It turns out that, aside from the usual elements that constitute any other beach, this one holds a pretty evident secret right before your eyes (pun intended): airplanes that fly so close to the shore that you’d think the landing gear is ready to tear you apart.

2. Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

This is a very popular Norwegian touristic attraction. In a nutshell, it’s a 8,274 meter long road which encloses “no more than” 8 bridges with a total length of 891 meters. Ever since its 1983 setting up, people all around the world have been eager to pay it a visit at least once, if not twice or thrice.

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