11 Mind Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

5. Mothership Thunderstorm

Beware, alien invasion has just begun! Not quite, but this picture of a “mothership” supercell might freak you out at first. It was taken in the year of 2013 by Marko Korošec in Eastern Colorado, and up to this day has won a lot of honorary contests, including but not limited to the first place of the National Geographic Traveler Magazine Photo Contest. It goes without saying some photos taken at the right time look like a million bucks!

7. Iceberg of Newfoundland

This picture featured on Reddit attracted a lot of people thumbing it up and leaving positive comments of how beautiful this tale-ly looking Newfoundland iceberg is. Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province of Canada, home to a wide variety of animals and objects such as whales, rare birds and, of course, outlandish icebergs. 🙂

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