18 Cool Gadgets For Kids That Are Extremely Useful For Parents

6. Safety bracelet

When a child disappears, it’s hell on Earth for the parent. However, this may no longer be an issue owing to the recent release of a safety bracelet that can track down your child’s whereabouts in no time. It is similar to a wristwatch and is usually attached to the leg of the child. The app also has a tracking radius, so when the child moves past it, a warning signal is sent to the smartphone to which the bracelet is connected. You can add more users to the system, too.

7. Thermometer sticker

With the help of this thermometer sticker, you can check your child’s temperature when they get sick without having to disturb their sleep or force them to be still – we all know that once a baby starts crying, it’ll take you a while to stop them. Basically, if the child’ temperature increases, the parent(s) will be notified via the accompanying smartphone app, which also saves all the changes in temperature for your future reference

8. Smart toothbrush

This toothbrush can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of this app, you can visualize every movement your child makes with the toothbrush. Not only can you see whether the child brushes his teeth correctly, but the child will also receive points based on how well he actually brushes them!

9. Knee pads

Pretty much any child out there is bound to fall and get injured either due to sharp stones or rough carepts, especially when making his first steps. This is why it’s essential for him to wear knee pads to be protected from any potentially harmful fall and get scratched or bruised in the process.

10. Fun plates

These plates have faces drawn on them. By carefully and graciously combining the images with food, you’ll definitely make your kid laugh, as opposed to him crying or, even worse, refusing to eat what’s on the plate.

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