18 Cool Gadgets For Kids That Are Extremely Useful For Parents

11. Feeding bottle and… spoon at the same time

This bottle has a spoon attached to it, which can be very convenient for use when you’re either traveling or going out for a walk. Don’t worry, if your child doesn’t eat everything, you can seal the lid for later.

12. All-in-one pacifier and teether

You can store this all-in-one pacifier and teether in the fridge and wash it in the dishwasher. It affects all parts of the gums simultaneously.

13. A visual and sound projector to make your baby fall asleep

If you don’t have the time and patience to sing a night time lullaby to your child, you can “outsource” this task to this clever visual and sound projector. Basically, what it does is to project cute pictures onto the ceiling and accompany them with soothing sounds or perhaps a tender lullaby.

14. A fun feeding set

Here comes the airplane… literally! We all know that this trick works all the time with children that refuse categorically to eat anything. Now you have the opportunity to do it right, by inserting a spoon into an actual airplane!

15. Clothes with a built-in activity monitor

Long gone are the nights when you would wake up to check on your baby. This special clothing does everything for you! It monitors your child’s breathing and activity, as well as his position and the temperature in the room. If some parameters are¬†beyond their usual limits, you will be warned via your smartphone.

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