18 Cool Gadgets For Kids That Are Extremely Useful For Parents

16. A fun container for toys

If you don’t want to get your hands wet after the baby has finished taking his bath, you can scoop up all the bath toys in one simple movement and attach them to a wall for future use. A very convenient and fun way of collecting the toys from the bathtub.

17. Automated baby rocker

Now this one is a must. While you’re busy cooking dinner and your baby just can’t wait for you to rock the stroller anymore, you can attach this little device to it and go about your own business. No stress, worry free and cheap solution to the problem!

18. Bed for new parents

If you don’t have a separate room for your baby or if you simply want to check on him constantly, there is a solution: this bed has a special compartment designed to fit in a baby. It’s definitely a lot safer than putting the baby in another room… but we are not sure what to say about the noise he’ll make during the night, he he.

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