19 Hilarious Incidents When Parents Walked In During The Middle of Sex

We all have sex. There’s no shame in that. It’s completely human.

However, one thing about having sex that virtually nobody enjoys is getting caught while doing it. You usually laugh it off if you are caught by friends or siblings, but if parents walk in on you… well, that’s a completely different story, regardless of whether they know you’re sexually active, an adult with a child, look great or you’re super-duper open with your sexuality. You’d be embarrassed in all cases.

Surely, it’s not fun to be caught while having sex, but it’s definitely fun to hear stories about others being caught having sex. So we’ve compiled twenty short stories of people that were caught having sex. Be happy it wasn’t you!

1. Oh, boy…

2. Ladies and gentlemen… mother of the year!

3. Too many expectations…

4. I mean… legit, right?!

5. Daddy, I have a problem!

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