23 Restroom Fails That Makes You Think Twice Using Them

It happens all the time. We have to use the restroom when we least expect it. They’re very useful in the stickiest of situations, barring, of course, those restrooms that simply make you run away and never look back. Those are quite rare though… right?

It appears not. In the images below you can see some of the most hilarious and unappealing restrooms of all time, and they’re not few. Not only do they not seem to be equipped with all the prerequisite materials to do our stuff properly, but they’re also quite … strange, to put it lightly. Certainly not everyone would like to go in there, let alone watch some strange stuff while they’re supposed to do their business… ugh.

Scroll down for the images!

1. Wait how does this work?

2. Well, at least it’s not a squat toilet per se…

3. Is the toilet too little or the man too big? Really can’t tell!

4. Creepy as hell

5. Only for the “biggest” among us

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