40 Insane Photos With Animals Taken Moments Before Disaster Struck

These pictures were taken moments before disaster struck. Some of them are really funny and rather silly… but some of them depict people that got seriously injured. Scroll down and see for yourself.

1. Posing with a crocodile… probably not a good idea

In November 2016, Johnny Bonde, a 27-year-old Danish backpacker, went to explore the pristine wilderness of Australia. Upon seeing a crocodile wandering around, he was so impressed by the seemingly innocent creature that he actually had theĀ cojonesĀ to pose with it. Out of pure ignorance or not, he got his arm severely injured. In a declaration he gave upon recovering a little from the incident, he said that he had been very stupid to do that, and that he would be annoyed too if somebody slammed him at night. I’d personally be frightened if I had to get close to anything with those immense protruding teeth, let alone a crocodile.

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