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    11 Mind Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

    1. Maho Beach in Saint Martin This beach is clean, its water crystal clear and usually not that crowded – it definitely makes for a great tranquil place to take a break from your mundane thoughts, right? It turns out that, aside from the usual elements that constitute any other beach, this one holds a […] More

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    10 Unique Places In The World You Didn’t Know Existed

    Everyone likes to delve into new places and travel opportunities around the world. If you consider yourself to be a febrile traveler, know that there are ten touristic attractions that it is very likely that you have omitted, which encompass deadly plants, hung puppets and even Superman itself! Scroll down to see our top ten […] More

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    11 Really Cool Ideas To Reuse Orange Peels

    If love squeezing fresh orange juices, chances are you’re throwing away the peels. But did you know that the skin has lots of nutrients? Moreover there’s a ton of different useful things that you can do with them. Here’s a couple of ideas that you can try out. Using¬†half the side of an orange peel […] More

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    27 Crazy Photographers Risking Their Lives For The Perfect Shot

    Although photographers are regarded as very superficial by older generations and some of the millenials alike, they¬†are actually inclined to even defy death itself in order to take the best shot possible. They’re pretty good at multitasking, too: they must prepare their photography equipment in concurrence with ensuring their safety at all times. Now that’s […] More

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    3 Simple Steps To Defrost Frozen Butter In Seconds

    soften butter

    Ever been in a situation where you’re rushing through breakfast because you’re pressed for time? Or maybe your toast and everything else is ready… except for the most important thing. The slab of butter is still frozen and its probably going to take at least 10 – 15mins to get it defrost. Well here’s a […] More

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    Can You Answer These Brain Teasers

    Brain Teasers

    Do you think logically? Ever wondered how sharp your brain is? Only 4% of the people who attempted this quiz got all the questions correct. Find it out how you fare with this simple test! More

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    The Funniest Animal Photobombs From Around The World

    We all love and care for animals, especially when they’re curious about what humans do. Those big black cameras or smartphones we hold in our hands surely arouse their interest, so they … sometimes step into the picture… without permission! Sure, humans are great photobombers, but you cannot deny the fact that animals are simply […] More

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    40 Insane Photos With Animals Taken Moments Before Disaster Struck

    animal disaster

    These pictures were taken moments before disaster struck. Some of them are really funny and rather silly… but some of them depict people that got seriously injured. Scroll down and see for yourself. 1. Posing with a crocodile… probably not a good idea In November 2016, Johnny Bonde, a 27-year-old Danish backpacker, went to explore […] More

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