FRIENDS TV Show Facts And Trivia We’re Pretty Sure You Didn’t Know

7. Monica and Joey Were Supposed To Be A Couple


But the studio audience’s response when Monica and Chandler first got together so so overwhelming it made the scriptwriters have the show go a different direction.

8. The Names Of The FRIEND’S Cast Was Inspired By All My Children

FRIENDS - All My Children

Chandler is for the Chandler family, Rachel’s last name, Green, is for Janet Green, Ross is for Ross Chandler (LOL), Monica is for Monique (Daisy Cortland), Joey is for Joseph “Joey” Martin, and Phoebe is for Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.

9. David Schwimmer Didn’t Have to Audition for Ross.

FRIENDS - Ross - 9

It seems that Schwimmer had auditioned the year before for a pilot we were making and he made such a big impression that was an offer and no audition. Ross was just made for him.

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