FRIENDS TV Show Facts And Trivia We’re Pretty Sure You Didn’t Know

16. Monica is actually older than Ross In Real Life.

FRIENDS - Monic Ross Dancing - 16

Courteney Cox is two years older than David Schwimmer, despite playing his little sister.

17. Monica’s and Chandler’s Apartment Number Changed Halfway In The Series

FRIENDS - Apartment Number - 17

This was due to the scriptwriters realising that the number “5” didn’t denote a high floor unit in New York. Hence they had to change it from “5” to “20”. Likewise, Chandler’s and Joey’s apartment number also changed from “4” to “19.”

18. The Big White Porcelain Dog Belonged To Jennifer Aniston In Real life

FRIENDS - White Dog - 18

“Pat the dog” was given to Aniston by a friend for good luck on the first day of shooting Friends.

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