FRIENDS TV Show Facts And Trivia We’re Pretty Sure You Didn’t Know

19. Phoebe Was Really Pregnant During The Episodes When She Had Her Brother’s Triplets

FRIENDS - Phoebe Pregnant

Remember when Phoebe carried her brother’s triplets? Well apparently Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy was written into the show. She was really pregnant at that time, just that it wasn’t triplets. 🙂

20. Marcel Was Played By 2 Monkeys

FRIENDS - Marcel Monkey - 20

And not only that, the pair of monkeys also appeared in Bruce Almighty30 Rock, and other things!

21. Frank Jr., Giovanni Ribisi had an uncredited role as “Condom Boy”

FRIENDS - condom

Remember Frank Junior, Phoebe’s brother? Well you may not have noticed that he appeared in Season 2 briefly where he accidentally throws a condom into Phoebe’s guitar case. Talk about the irony of throwing a condom to “his sister” and then later asking her to help conceive his kids.

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