Really Cool Gadgets For Kids That Every Parent Needs

We all know that having children is both a rejoicing and tiring venture. At very young ages, taking care of them can require a tremendous amount of time, effort and patience, which, in these days, well, do not come in abundance. We often wonder if there is some sort of magic switch to pull which would take care of all the problems that come along the way.

Well, that kind of “switch” may just exist. The very fact that we live in the 21st century comes with a plethora of great benefits. For instance, the advancement of the technology has led to the creation of some pretty interesting gadgets that are meant to facilitate pretty much everything about raising a child. It’s also that the folks of our days are way more creative than our parents and even grandparents were, it’s no secret about that. There are many of these “gadgets” available on the market, but we’ve compiled 18 of them in a list that you can find below.

1. Illuminated balls

If your children use these illuminated balls, they won’t be afraidĀ of the dark when they’re lying in bed or when they have to go to the bathroom at night. No more waking you up in the night!

2. A smart changing pad

This impressive little mattress can work out your baby’s weight and height, his food schedule, as well as his daily routine. All a touch away on your smartphone!

3. Super compact folding stroller

Carrying a big stroller around can get uncomfortable, especially if the baby wants to be held by his mother at some point. With this super compact stroller, which can be folded up in such a compact bundle that it will be able to fit your backpack, not only will your baby feel more comfortable than in any other stroller, but you’ll also save space in your house which can be used for other things. It weighs only 4 kilograms and has already set a world record for being the most compact stroller ever made.

4. A translator for your child’s crying

This is not technically a gadget, but it is worth adding to the list nonetheless. This app, called The Infant Cries Translator, can decipher your child’s crying as to why he is crying. It offers four possible answers, namely hunger, pain, tiredness, or because he wants his diaper changed. If you are not impressed, you should know that the app provides the answer with an accuracy rate of 92%. When the baby is a few months old, the app stops working as expected, but even when the baby is four months old it provides an answer with an accuracy of at least 77%. In order to create the app, the creators analyzed over 200,000 recordings of newborn babies crying, so it goes without saying that a lot of work went into creating it.

5. Self-heating bottle

This bottle can heat up your kid’s drink anywhere and at anytime, without having to carry with you long electric cables. It can heat your kid’s drink in under four minutes using a single-use cartridge containing salt and water. For safety reasons, the maximum temperature is set at 37 degrees Celsius.

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